Types Of Street Food To Relish in Nagpur

In Nagpur, you are far from good food. A delight, the city of Nagpur will treat its guests to a plethora of cuisines that will keep you coming back for more.  

From dishes that are fancy, to the local street food, the people of Nagpur take their food very seriously. Every day, you’ll find local eating snacks at road side food stalls or restaurants. After-work hours are when there’s a huge demand for street food. 

Speaking of street food, Nagpur offers a unique and excellent street food experience to those visiting. You’ll find plenty of variety when it comes to street food in the city. There are the regular local favourites, with that comes street food delicacies from other states in India, as well as Chinese, which is a popular street food variety for Indians.  Mentioned below are 12 of our favourite street food items that you can bite into in Nagpur.

Best Street Foods in Nagpur

1) Tarri Poha

A visit to Nagpur is incomplete without biting into a sumptuous portion of Tarri Poha. Generally eaten as a breakfast item, Tarri Poha is very popular in Maharashtra. It is prepared using puffed rice, onions, some also use peanuts to add a bit of crunchiness. In Nagpur, you’ll find plenty of places that serve this amazing dish. One of the most popular places to eat Tarri Poha is at Ramji-Shyamji Pohewala. 

2) Biryani

If you love spice, rice, and all things nice, biting into a portion of Biryani is a delight. In Nagpur, you’ll plenty of restaurants serving delicious varieties of Biryani. Prepared using vegetables, chicken, and mutton, Biryani is a popular lunch or dinner item here.  In and around commercial complexes, you’ll find food stalls serving delicious Biryani with raita ( a curd preparation) that goes well with Biryani.  Babbu Hotel in Mominpura, is one of the best places to bite into Biryani in Nagpur.

3. Chaats

Among the many street food varieties available in Nagpur, one of the most popular is chaat. Chaats are a very popular evening snack in Maharashtra and in Nagpur, it’s no different. Every evening you’ll find people heading to various chaat counters in the city area gorging on a variety of chaats.  During the rainy season is the best time come to Nagpur and sample on a variety of chaats.  Popuar chaat places in the city are Haldirams, and the chaat counters in Lokmat Square.

4. Oranges

If there is one thing that Nagpur is famous for, that is it’s Oranges. The city cultivates one of the best Orange crops in the world. Hence, it’s no wonder that oranges have made it to our list of popular street food. Now normally, fruits will not be considered a street food item. But, we’re putting it up on the list as the fruit is eaten commonly on the streets. All over Nagpur, you’ll find vendors selling oranges in raw form as well as vendors making and selling juice.  

5. Param Ki Daal

This is not a street food item but is a popular snack and eatery in Nagpur.  A must-do on every visitor's list, Param Ki Daal is where you get the best street food in Nagpur. Popular food items at Param Ki Daal are its dals, and a special buttery fried rice served with spicy schezwan sauce. 

6. Samosa

A popular evening snack sold at every nook and corner of any street in Nagpur. The best part about the samosa in Nagpur is that locals make their own variety of samosas that are different from the ones available in other cities. If you’re visiting Nagpur, you have to try the Nagpuri samosas. Some popular joints for samosas are Priti  Corner in Dharampeth and India Coffee House in Residency Road. 

7. Kebabs

If you’re looking for a non-vegetarian street food item that’ll please your appetite, you must try the varieties of kebabs in Nagpur. Although predominantly, the vegetarian street food items are better in Nagpur, kebabs are very good here. Famous places to try kebabs in Nagpur are at Nizam Kitchens in Seminary Hills. You’ll also find kebabs in places like Kebab Corner  U Barbeque in Sadar.

8. Patodi

Although there has been a huge influence of street food from other states, the locals of Nagpur do love their Patodi Baji. The dish is spicy and tangy is a popular breakfast and lunch item. Many eateries and local food stalls serve fresh and hot Patodi. 

9. Jalebis

After sampling on all that spicy food in the city, locals love to bite into a sweet delicious Jalebi. A popular sweet item, Jalebis are sold at most sweet marts in the city. Jalebis are eaten with fafda or as after-meal sweet. Some even have it with their tea, which is our next top street food item to try in Nagpur. 

10. Tea/ Chai

Very popular with the labour and working-class, cutting chai is all you need to get through the day. All over Nagpur, you can find plenty of tea stalls serving hot and fresh cups of tea, commonly known as cutting chai. Together with tea, glucose biscuits, samosas, and other chaats are eaten. One mustn’t miss out on sipping on a hot cup of chai, while in Nagpur.

11. Misal Pav

Misal Pav is a spicy Maharashtrian dish that is a popular delicacy in most cities and town of the state, Nagpur is included. Cooked with onions, a spicy masala, and potato chiwda mix sprinkled on top. It is normally eaten with local bread known as pav in Nagpur. Some of the best places to eat missal in Nagpur are Pratape foods in Deonagar Square and Shri Joshi Vadapav. In market areas and near colleges, many food stalls serve this local favourite too. 

12.  Chinese Food

If there is one foreign cuisine that has grown to be popular with the people of Nagpur, that is Chinese. Manchurian, Chicken Chilly, Scezwan, and Fried Rice are some popular Chinese items that are loved by locals. In and around Nagpur, you’ll find plenty of Chinese food stalls serving sumptuous Chinese dishes that are popular with locals and tourists alike. 

There are some of the best street food items to try, if you’re visiting Nagpur.


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