Enjoy An Epicurean Sail pop-up with flavours at JW Cafe, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar

Cruise your way through an exotic bounty of the treasures from the sea with flavours that will delight your appetite. Known for presenting a delectable spread of local and international cuisine, JW Cafe, the all-day dining restaurant at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar brings to patrons An Epicurean Sail, pop up menu starting 18th January 2021. 

Guests can indulge in the season's freshest and flavorsome feast in the form of an extravagant seafood spread of the finest catch such as Scampi, Lobsters, Tiger Prawns, Green Lip Mussels, Seabass, Calamari in local and international preparations.

Inspired by Mumbai’s long association with open waters and the eternal romance between the land and the sea, An Epicurean Sail menu heroes local seafood and celebrates the cuisines of the world as well as the country’s rich coastal heritage. 

The new seafood menu showcases traditional seafood preparation and spices of the Indian coastline giving our discerning guests an experience on the country's varying tastes such as Malabar, Bengali, Andhra and other European regions. The menu is a fusion of the best traditional Indian and European seafood recipes that will tantalize the palate.


Some of the dishes that will be part of An Epicurean Sail menu from the Malabar coast is the Meen Mulakittathu (Kerala style curry cooked with coconut milk, shallots and red chilly),  Meen Pollichathu (Fish wrapped in banana leaves and steamed) Meen Moilee (Cooked with onion and simmered in turmeric coconut milk). From the Bengali  Sorse Bata (Maach cooked in mustard paste and tempered with mustard seeds),  Macher Paturi (marinated in mustard and coconut and steamed in banana leaf).From the coastlines of Andhra there Chepala Pulusu (Tangy Andhra style curry cooked in sesame oil).  

At the JW Café, a unique display depicting the European fish cart will be set up to offer guests an experience similar to a local seafood street market.

Guests can select their choice of exotic seafood, freshly displayed, wherein our chefs can curate the dish in a variety of preparations such as European style Herb Gratinated Mussels cooked with assorted herbs and gratinated with garlic crumb,  Thermidor Baked with bisque, Hollandaise and cheese, Seafood Treasure  Lobster, Scampi, Prawn, and Mussels served hot or cold at your choice with Cocktail Sauce or Garlic Butter sauce.  

The menu will be available as an A La Carte option all days of the week with a special Seafood Grill on Wednesday and Fridays as part of the dinner buffet spread. 

The same will be delivered through Marriott on Wheels “Luxury dining experience within the comfort of your homes” wherein one can experience the finest catch, from the kitchens of JW Sahar. Our culinary maestros have thoughtfully curated this experience with utmost care and maintaining all the necessary hygiene measures.

A Snapshot of the An Epicurean Sail  at JW Cafe

  •  Starts 18th January, 2021 

  •  | JW Café | All Day Dining 

  •  A La Carte 

For further details please contact 022-68828662 / +91-9167615611

Guests can scan the menu digitally by using the QR codes and place an order of the dishes they would like to savor with the server. Social distancing is maintained between tables while all guests are also encouraged to maintain a safe social distance. With Marriott International's initiatives, the hotel follows enhanced safety and hygiene protocols at every stage of a guest’s journey. The renewed dining experience has been thoughtfully curated, keeping in mind a contact-less experience.


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