LIFE UPDATE : The New Look Le Scoop

The Coronavirus has set my life inside out. While it has been hard to keep up with everything, (the negative news all around was just too much) add to that the blog going down because of a stupid mistake I made. 

With so much going on, I had decided to give the blog up, but thanks to friends, and family that encouraged me to try again. I'm back with Le Scoop 2.0. This version will be a bit different, how? Well, Le Scoop's going the magazine kind of way to bring you the latest news, industry trends and top tips on all aspects of Fashion, Beauty, Health & Fitness and Wellbeing. As for food and travel, I am not giving up on them, they are very much part of my plans. 

While many will question the choice to get rid of something and start afresh, I hope there are some that understand where I am coming from.  2020 has been horrific, I am normally not the kind of person to use such harsh words, but hey, it was such, so I had to use it. 

On the positive side, a lot of lessons were taken in, and now I hope to imply that. I do hope you all will follow the magazine online, and keep up with it. 


Shayne D'souza


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