The Perfect Travel Plan for a 3 Day Trip in Karnataka

When you make a trip to Karnataka, you would want to explore all the possible places, and the state has many, but it is not easy as you will be crushed for time. A good way of pooling in many places to follow this structured list of tourist places in Karnataka for 3 days that we have put together. You can start your trip from Bangalore and then proceed to holiday at some of the other places in Karnataka we have mentioned in this article.

3 Days Trip in Karnataka

Day 1  Spend your first day in Bangalore 

Being a cosmopolitan city, Bangalore has a lot of exciting things to do. If you are on a Karnataka trip, make this your first stop. There’s plenty to do and see in Bangalore, but checking out all of them in a day is not possible. So plan accordingly and only visit these best places in Bangalore:-

Things to Do in Bangalore

  1. Breakfast at MTR

Bangalore is famous for its South Indian food, So it is but natural that every tourist sample on delicious South Indian breakfast here. One of the best places for a South Indian breakfast in Bangalore is MTR ( Mavali Tiffin Room), the place serve delicious dosas, vadas and a lot more. Get here early as it is difficult to get a table during the peak morning hours.  

2. Sightseeing in Bangalore 

After you have finished breakfast, you can go on a sightseeing tour. You have two options here, you can book a private tour or you can choose to visit all the places yourself. We suggest that you go on a tour as it will save you time and you will get some valuable knowledge about the attractions you come across.  

Famous sights to see in Bangalore:  Bangalore Palace, Cubbon Park, Lal Baugh, Vidhana Soudha, Bull Temple

3. Lunch in Bangalore

Bangalore is a foodies paradise, you have plenty of option in the city for food. From local delicacies to Italian Mughlai and even Chinese, you can find all types of cuisines in the city. It is difficult to suggest a place because there are so many places to dine at. 

4. Do Some More Sightseeing 

If you planned a sightseeing trip yourself, we suggest that you continue to see some other attractions in the city, after lunch. 

Another good option would be to enjoy a few rides at an amusement park. In Bangalore, you can have fun at the Fun World Amusement or Wonderla Park.

5. Enjoy Bangalore’s Nightlife

Bangalore has great nightlife. The city offers you plenty of options to enjoy yourself at night. On one hand, you have pubs and nightclubs and on the other shopping and street food. You could choose to do a bit of both or only a few, both ways you will end up having a great time in Bangalore.

Day 2: Head to Mysore 

The drive to Mysore will take you around two hours to complete. We suggest you leave Bangalore early in the morning so that you get most of the second day to spend in Mysore. You can club your visit to Mysore with Coorg since the two places aren’t that too far away from each other. 

Make a stop at Channapatina

For a unique experience, on your way to Mysore, you can stop over at Channapatina, a village known for making toys. There are many amazing toys and puppets that you can see here. 


If you do not want to drive down, there are trains available from the Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna railway station to Mysore Junction railway station.

The ideal time to spend in Mysore is half a day as there are only a few places that you can see. From there, you should move to Coorg to complete your 3 day trip in Karnataka.

Things to Do in Mysore 

1. Sightseeing in Mysore  

Begin your trip in Mysore by visiting the Srirangapatana Sri Ranganathaswamy temple and then head out to the Dariya Daulat Palace. From here, you can visit the Mysuru Palace, spend a few hours checking out the lovely architecture and then do some shopping in Mysore, don’t forget to pick up sweets and spices, Mysore has amazing varieties. 

From there drive down to Chamundi Hill, where you will come across two stunning Dravidian temples, including the famous Bull Temple.  

Day 2: Head to Coorg 

From Chamundi Hill, you drive down to Coorg. There are no trains along this route. So, there is no other option but to drive down. If you have driven down from Bangalore to Mysore, then it is great, but if you have not, you can rent a car in Mysore to get to Coorg.

The journey to Coorg should take you around 2 hours, so you should be there by evening, just in time to watch the sunset from the Brahmagiri Peak. Spend a few hours at this peak and then head to your hotel to take some rest. 

Spend your last day in Coorg, it will probably be the best one, that is if you love adventure sports. 

Things to Do in Coorg 

1. Visit the Falls 

Start your day early and head straight to the Abbey Falls to enjoy a bit of nature and fun. You can also go to Iruppu Falls if you wish. 

2. Ride an Elephant at the Dubare Elephant Camp.

Another must-do activity in Coorg is riding an elephant at the Dubare Elephant Camp. The experience is great and you’ll get to pass through the banks of the River Cauvery where you’ll see crocodiles, Gaurs and a few other animals. 

3. Spend time at the Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat is a great place to end your sightseeing trip in Coorg. This lookout point in the hills offers stunning views of the green valley. Make sure to watch the sunset from this point and pay a visit to the garden nearby that is spread out with pretty flowers and musical fountains. 

4. Enjoy Local Delicacies in Coorg

Coorg has a delightful local cuisine. A few popular dishes served at restaurants in Coorg are bamboo shoot Curry, their own version of pork and Kadumbutu which is steamed dumplings. Apart from this, you can get Indian, Chinese and even European-Continental food in Coorg.

This ends your three day trip in Karnataka. To get back to Bangalore, you could either drive down straight to Bangalore or go to Mysore and from there go by train to Bangalore. 

If you would like to know about more trips like these in Karnataka, let us know in the comments below and we will help you plan one. 


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