Holiday At These Best Beaches in Alleppey

While most travellers who come to Alleppey prefer to rent a houseboat or stay in the city, there are some who love to stay near the beach. In and around Alleppey, there are a few beaches that offer scenic surroundings, perfect for lazy days in the sun. 

Clean and tidy, these beaches are the perfect getaway destinations for families looking to have some fun and spend time outdoors, as well as couples looking to take a break from their mundane life and spend a weekend at the beach. 

If you are looking to hit the sun and sand this weekend, check out our list of beaches in Alleppey. 

Best Beaches in Alleppey

1. Alleppey Beach

The Alleppey Beach is the main beach in town. Perpetually crowded, this beach is where you should be if you love bustle and adventure. If you want a bit of peace and quiet at the beach, head towards the lighthouse, it is much emptier than other parts of the beach.

There are a few food stalls and beach shacks where you can purchase cold drinks and snacks.

Location: Alleppey Beach

2. Andhakaranazhi Beach

The Andhakaranazhi beach is not as commercial as the Alleppey Beach, but it receives a good crowd on weekends and during the summer vacation. There is not much that you can do here but take nice long walks and playing outdoor games. 

Some parts of the beach are developed and there is a parking zone, too. Most people prefer to sit on the rocks and watch the sunset, others prefer to enjoy street food as they take long strolls on the beach. 

Location: Alappuzha-Arthunkal-Chellanam-Thoppumpady Road

3. Marari Beach

A very popular beach in Alleppey, Marari lies a little away from the city centre. The beach is perfect for lazing around and spending quality time away from noise and crowds. Marari is surrounded by palm trees and has gorgeous golden sands. 

Bordering the beach are many hammocks where tourists can relax and unwind. You might want to carry your own food if you head here for a picnic as the number of food stalls at the beach are limited. 

Location: Mararikulam

4. Pathiramanal Beach

Located on an island, Pathiramanal Beach is where you should be if you want to relax and unwind away from crowds. 

The best way to enjoy a trip to the beach is by visiting the island. There is a lot of flora to see on the island and you can take a walk through the dense forests while exploring it.

Location: Alappuzha

5. Thottappally Beach

A great place to enjoy the cool sea breeze and unwind, Thottappally Beach is located in the South of Alleppey. 

A nice place  for a morning or evening walk, the beach offers splendid views of palm trees and has black sand. On weekends, you will find youngsters playing football at the beach. 

Location: Thottappally

These are the best beaches in Alleppey. All the beaches on this list are clean and safe to hang out at, but Alleppey Beach is our favourite spot for a fun day outing. It has a good vibe and there is amazing food available on the beach. 

Now that we have told you our favourite, we would love to know yours. Do let us know in the comments section.


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