London Bubble Co Launches New Guilt Free Menu

London Bubble Co has been a fan favourite for Mumbai's Insta loving foodies due to the unique ‘bubbly’ experience it brought to consumers and its value proposition ever since its launch in 2017. The homegrown brand today has found its sweet spot between a delectable mix of international flavours and a desi spin suited better for the Indian palate. 

Belgian Dark Waffle

A bootstrapped brand, while its pocket-friendliness amassed a lot of appreciation by consumers in metros, London Bubble Co. always strives to give its fans and customers the best. Hence, following this endeavour,  London Bubbler Co Mumbai has launched a new guilt-free menu, catering to health-conscious as well as those that love to indulge in good food. 

With ‘unforgettable’ flavours forming the bedrock of the new London Bubble Co menu, patrons can expect surprises with oil-free waffles with an increased focus on taste, freshness and flavour. That's not all,  keeping in mind evolving health-conscious lifestyles, London Bubble Co has introduced new dairy-free milkshakes for the new-age vegan and flexitarian consumer. 

From rich chocolates and bottled milkshakes to flavourful pre-packed ice-creams, the carefully curated new menu has launched exciting options for people to enjoy on-the-go. Known for its variations, LBC is adding to their expansive range of bubble and pocket waffles, with new stick and dutch Stroopwafels on offer. These developments under ‘the new us’ concept have been rolled-out with the vision to make LBC an inextricable part of the country’s waffle lexicon. 


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