Single? No Problem: Look On The Bright Side

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February marks Love month and normally, in the first weeks of Feb, every couple, or soul that is dating start to plan their V-day programs.  While this is great for couples, singletons can often feel low, sad, and dejected around this time. 

And, who can blame them, Being single is often seen in a negative light and associated with difficult times. But, if you think about it, there's nothing bad about being single or celebrating things alone. If you're feeling low or sad as a Singleton around this time, don't. There are many reasons to celebrate being single, read on to know some of them. 

Being single is natural and healthy

There is no such thing as normality and many singles are the happiest people on the planet. These days, there is less pressure to get married. This allows more time to choose the right partner and many people wait for years or decades until they settle down. Others reject relationships completely and treat being single as a lifestyle choice. For many, being alone is a natural life transition that occurs after a divorce or the death of a spouse. Instead of expecting a partner to complete them, many singles stay positive and live life to the full.

You have avoided a bad match

People rarely break up with "the one" and couples usually split for a good reason. Becoming single after a failed relationship can feel daunting and upsetting, especially after being dumped. But really, the universe is allowing you to live your life and eventually meet the right person. Also, you no longer have to endure your ex-partner's irritating habits and unpleasant characteristics.

You are emotionally free

Being in love can dominate a person's life. Sometimes, these powerful emotions can cloud thinking and feel controlling. Being single is often an opportunity for peace of mind, clarity and freedom from heartache.

You avoid the bad stuff in relationships

As a single person, you don't need to worry about your partner's expectations. You don't have to make a good impression on your partner's friends and family or have marital arguments. You don't have to compromise or do things simply to please a spouse; you have the freedom to call the shots.

You have control over your money

You don't have to compromise your spending habits or share your finances with a partner. This can avoid many arguments, making life easier and more peaceful. In addition, this independence can make you feel more empowered and secure.

It is a good time for self-discovery

Being single is the perfect opportunity to discover personal qualities and reflect on things. It is no coincidence many monks, nuns and religious gurus use celibacy to enhance their self-development. Time alone often requires you to draw on inner strength in order to survive. Learning to enjoy your own company and be independent is empowering; it also gives a healthy foundation to base future relationships on.

Being single can develop your understanding

Single people can forget what being in a relationship can feel like. Likewise, people in a relationship can forget what being single feels like. Spending time alone is likely to develop a sense of empathy for your single friends. This can add new life to certain friendships.

You can transform your life

Being single is like being given a clean slate and you can create a new life without compromising things for a partner. Many singles choose to move or go travelling; it is also an opportunity to focus on your career or change your personal appearance. This is a liberating time when extraordinary things happen.

Friendships and family take priority

Time spent in a relationship can be spent with your friends and family instead. This gives endless opportunities for fun and emotional fulfilment. Reconnecting with old acquaintances can feel wonderful. At the same time, meeting new people and developing a social circle can open new doors in your life.

It is a good time to start new hobbies

Single people often have extra time to enrich their life with new interests. There are numerous clubs, societies and classes that cater to a diverse range of hobbies. This can be exciting and offer endless possibilities; many people develop a passion for activities they start when they are single.

Being single is the perfect time to date

You have the freedom to find your ideal partner; there are many single people to choose from. This is a time when you can become the leading lady or man in your own romantic story. Dating is often a lot of fun and is a good way to increase your self-confidence, make new friends and maybe find a relationship.

Enjoying life is sexy

Few things are more attractive than a happy person who loves their life. Finding contentment as a single person will make it easier for you to attract positive people. Also, keeping busy with activities and socializing makes it easier to find a like-minded partner.


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